Marketing & Production

Production Process

The volcanic rock, once quarried, is taken to the crushing plant on the Catalano property. This is a sizeable factory, housing automated machinery which has been tailor-made for the job.

The full process involves grinding and refining on a continuous basis to achieve the required product. Facilities in the future may expand to building a plant directly near the quarry for production.

Research & Development

A great deal of time and money has been spent on developing this product to where it is today. Some of the research information is available on this web site. If you require additional information please contact Sam Catalano directly to discuss your interest. Some additional information is also available from the James Cook University web site.

Further research is also being undertaken to investigate possibilities for pelletising or granulating the product.

Additionally, there is a question over whether a liquid form would be viable. As a product, it can be achieved technically, however there are certain impracticalities which need to be considered from the marketing point of view. It may be a possibility for the home gardener, but is unlikely to be made up for larger, commercial uses due to the ratio of water needed to Minplus and consequent weight considerations.

Product Availability

The plant is currently producing 5,000 tonnes per year. The new plant is being aimed at 50,000 tonnes per year.

Domestic Market

Minplus is used in Australia for home gardens, sports fields, small crops, sugar cane farming, pawpaw and banana plantations. There has also been keen demand from specialty growers of orchids, roses, heliconias, and on macadamia plantations.

Export Market

The company is currently discussing potential markets in the Philippines, New Zealand and the USA. Sam is also looking for distributors of his product for the countries of the Middle East.


On a strict comparison basis, there is currently no other product on the market today which competes with Minplus.

The chemical products available are widely known about, and therefore are not covered here. The test data shows remarkable results for Minplus and in addition, Minplus is organic, and environmentally friendly.