Minplus and Peanuts

  • Peanuts growing on acidic soils at Innisfail have responded dramatically to Minplus applications.

  • The response may be largely a result of the calcium-deficient nature of the soil.

  • Peanut kernel samples are currently with the Peanut Company of Australia, Kingaroy, for commercial appraisal.


Peanut yield increases and Minplus

Yields of peanuts from individual plants grown in Minplus-treated soils were significantly (p < 0.001) much heavier than those from the untreated soils.

  • Untreated soil: 348g from 30 plants

  • Minplus-treated soil: 663g from 30 plants,

  • Yield difference: 1.9 times


Peanut Yield Comparison

No Minplus
2.5 t/ha Minplus