Sugar Cane

Minplus is used extensively in the sugarcane lands of the humid tropical coastal lands of North Queensland.

More vigorous growth of test strips treated with Minplus is clearly evident in the paddock beyond the drain.




Minplus-treated sugar cane

A single 2.5 t/ha dressing of Minplus has improved this crop’s growth.

Minplus applications of as little as 2.5 t / ha may result in an increase in the commercial sugar content of the cane juice of up to 1 c.c.s. unit.

The farmer’s financial return is calculated on the basis of cane tonnage and commercial cane sugar (c.c.s.) value.


Time of application of Minplus

Minplus may be applied to the soil before planting sugar cane, or to the ratoon crop after harvest.

Best results occur when the Minplus has had time to react with the soil before phosphatic fertiliser is applied.


Min Plus

Crushed Mineral Rock (t/acre) 0 45 90 180
Plant Cane 15.5 23.1 27.9 31.1
1st Ratoon 39.2 44.8 47.1 49.6
2nd Ratoon 32.7 36.9 37.9 36.5
3rd Ratoon 37.3 39.7 41.2 44.0
Grain over control (4 crops) . 19.8 29.4 36.5

A table showing sugar yields with mineral rock dust. Research by O. D'Hotman de Villers.
Please note that regular NPK applications were given to all plots, including the control.