“Just a note to tell you our latest soil tests, have been exceptional! That is a big difference to 3 years ago. The guy who did them (the tests) said he had never seen such good results”. Shell H.


May, 2010
“Mr Catalano, you probably don’t recall a phone call from Canberra enquiring about Min Plus. Well Sir, I have tracked down a supplier at Mitre 10 in Manly. My sincere gratitude to you, because my Vegie garden is now very healthy with no bugs since applying Min Plus to my soil. What has pleased me even more is the health of my 2 Cherry trees, laden with fruit for the last 2 years, no Cherry slugs either and all thanks, I believe, to Min Plus. I have enclosed a couple of photos (NB: can be seen on the Min Plus Face Book page) as promised so you can see the deep green colour. So thanks a million! Great to eat Broccoli without finding a grub! God’s Blessings, Doris Lander.”


“Since the receipt of my Min Plus order, I have applied it to various gardening environments and monitoring the results. In short, I am confident that Min Plus is a quality product.” Eddie Perez.


“We have been using Min Plus here at Paradise Palms for the last 6 months and have found it to be a great product. The Greens have improved and the fertilizers and fungicides are working more efficiently. The turf is healthier and the roots are more vigorous. The increased microbial activity has helped decrease the thatch in our greens. We highly recommend this product to anyone lacking that high yield.”
Malcolm Ollard
Golf Course Superintendent
Paradise Palms Golf & Country Club


“I have been using Min Plus for going on 3 years now and have found it to be extremely beneficial in propagating grass feed for my cattle. The grass is more lush and the Cows take to it quite readily. I have since also used on my Paw Paws to great effect. The fruit seems to come on quicker than ever and I am getting a higher yield per tree than ever before.
I have no hesitation in recommending Min Plus to any primary producer.”
Tim Laffin
Grazier and Paw Paw Grower.


“I am fortunate enough to have been involved with Min Plus for going on 15 years now. My crops were the basis for a lot of the University trials conducted. You can see the difference in the fruit as it is it a lot firmer and so presents better than the average Banana in the Southern markets as it is less prone to bruising. The trees themselves are a lot healthier also, with dark green leaves and seem to be less prone to tipping due to a stronger root system. As a primary producer, my crop pays my bills. Sometimes you need an edge and my edge is Min Plus.”
Rowan Collins
Banana Grower.


“We would like to share our involvement with Min Plus. We have used this product in our farming practises for many years on our Banana Plantation and what a great product it is. We have seen many results over the years from applying before planting, during soil cultivation, on plant crops and at regular intervals on our ratoon crops. It is easy to see that our plant health, conditioning of the soil and root systems are far more superior to those without. With regular application over the years we have seen a quicker turn around on harvest as well as an increase in bunch size. We have also noticed our root systems are more healthy and vigorous leading to less fallout which in turn results in less plough out and re-planting. We believe Min Plus has helped us enormously in growing Bananas and encourage anyone to apply it in their farming practise, whatever agricultural industry it is. After all, Min Plus is a product of nature and that is what farming is all about.”
David Broccardo
Broccardo’s Bananas